11 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions to Install Now

If you’re a digital marketer or website owner looking for ways to improve your SEO efforts, installing the right Chrome extensions can be a game-changer. These handy tools provide valuable insights, streamline processes, and help you make informed decisions to boost your website’s search engine rankings. In this article, we will explore the 11 best free SEO Chrome extensions that you should install right now to enhance your SEO strategy.

1. MozBar

MozBar is a powerful Chrome extension provided by Moz, a well-known name in the SEO industry. This extension offers a wealth of information about any webpage you visit, including domain authority, page authority, and spam score. With MozBar, you can quickly analyze the SEO metrics of your competitors and gain valuable insights into their strategies.

2. SEOquake

SEOquake is another popular Chrome extension that provides a comprehensive analysis of any webpage’s SEO performance. It offers valuable metrics such as Google PageRank, Alexa rank, and social media shares. SEOquake also allows you to view keyword density and perform a quick on-page SEO audit, helping you optimize your content for better search engine visibility.

3. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a versatile Chrome extension that helps you find valuable keyword insights while browsing the web. It displays search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and competition data for keywords directly within Google search results, Google Analytics, and other popular platforms. This tool is a must-have for keyword research and content optimization.

4. Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Analytics URL Builder is a simple yet effective Chrome extension that makes tracking your marketing campaigns a breeze. It allows you to generate custom campaign URLs with UTM parameters, making it easier to track the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics. With this extension, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

5. Page Analytics (by Google)

Page Analytics, developed by Google, provides real-time insights into how users interact with your website. It shows you the number of page views, unique page views, and other engagement metrics directly on your website. With this information, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your website for better user experience and conversion rates.

6. Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace is a handy Chrome extension for analyzing and troubleshooting redirect issues. It helps you identify redirect chains, loops, and any potential issues that may affect your website’s SEO performance. This tool is particularly useful when auditing your website or investigating unexpected ranking drops.

7. SEO Meta in 1 Click

SEO Meta in 1 Click provides a quick overview of a webpage’s meta tags, headers, and other on-page SEO elements. With this extension, you can easily check if your meta titles and descriptions are optimized for maximum click-through rates and search engine visibility. It also allows you to analyze your competitors’ meta tags, helping you stay ahead in the SEO game.

8. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source Chrome extension developed by Google that audits the performance, accessibility, and SEO-friendliness of web pages. It provides detailed reports with actionable recommendations to improve your website’s performance and search engine rankings. Lighthouse is an essential tool for optimizing your website’s technical aspects.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly is not specifically an SEO tool, but it can greatly improve your content quality and readability. This Chrome extension helps you write error-free and engaging content by highlighting grammar and spelling mistakes, suggesting better word choices, and providing style improvements. With better content quality, you can enhance user experience and increase the chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

10. Check My Links

Check My Links is a useful Chrome extension for identifying broken links on web pages. It crawls through a webpage and highlights any broken or inaccessible links, allowing you to fix them before they negatively impact your SEO efforts. Keeping your website’s links in check is crucial for providing a smooth user experience and maintaining search engine rankings.

11. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a valuable Chrome extension for content research and analysis. It helps you discover the most popular and trending content in your niche, analyze your competitors’ content performance, and find influential content creators. With this extension, you can gain insights into what type of content works best in your industry, allowing you to create engaging and shareable content that resonates with your target audience.

Installing these 11 free SEO Chrome extensions can significantly enhance your SEO efforts and improve your website’s search engine rankings. From analyzing competitors to optimizing on-page elements and tracking campaign performance, these tools cover a wide range of SEO aspects. So, why not install them now and take your SEO strategy to new heights?


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