Top 5 Mistakes That Hinder Audience Growth on Telegram

Channel development requires effort. It is doubly insulting to make mistakes on this path: so much effort has been spent, and people not only do not come, but also unsubscribe. To minimize such unpleasant situations, it is important to remember the top 5 mistakes beginner bloggers make.

Channel about everything and nothing

A blogger can come up with a good name, put a clear description and a good profile picture. But after a couple of days, the first abstract posts appear that have nothing to do with the topic and name of the channel. This is a very common mistake.

It seems to the blogger that personal reflections interspersed with news and informational posts are a good idea. For a beginner, this is not so: the audience has not yet got used to the author, does not know him and is not interested. It is better to demonstrate your style, literacy and awareness of the topic.

How to do it right:

  1. Always stick to the chosen topic.
  2. At first, dilute posts exclusively with contests, promotions and prizes.
  3. At the end of the article, make a postscript with a call to comment on the post, suggest the next topic, ask a question.

The owner of the channel should give people what they came for: fresh, relevant and truthful information. A hodgepodge of personal impressions, news and blogger complaints about life is only confusing.

The blogger has no clear goal

When starting a channel, you need to understand why the author is doing this. Goals can be different:

  • promote your product;
  • have income;
  • become popular.

The business task can be anything. The main thing is not to go beyond the law.

If the author of the channel wants to sell his own products, he will need:

  • the ability to write beautifully selling texts;
  • a lot of colorful photos or videos of your product;
  • thoughtful system of promotions, discounts and other rewards.

If the author wants to earn income, he should come up with a topic that will interest people – so much so that subscribers will want to pay the blogger. What could it be:

  • unique weight loss courses;
  • training seminars;
  • access to exclusive content that only paid users will see.

Top channel monitoring is a good idea. What are these bloggers selling? How do they do it? How can I achieve the same result?

High expectations

The mistake of a novice author is to wait for millions of subscribers in the first week. However, with guaranteed cheat services, you can get it quickly, easily and inexpensively

Too frequent posting

Rolling out 4-5 posts a day is a bad strategy. Most likely, people will start unsubscribing – no one likes intrusive notifications.

Too much visual

Pictures, groups of emoji across every sentence, and inappropriate use of tagging are things that a millionaire blogger definitely won’t use in their posts.

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